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Monday, August 30, 2010

Concert cruises

When you go and spend a week on a cruise ship you really want to have a great time, and you will. Having great performances and shows is part of the cruise experience.
For the kosher traveler you can find today a great new line of Jewish music cruises that will provide exactly that. Jewish music cruises to fit for the observant crowd accompanied by the top performers in the Jewish music industry, with their fantastic new shows.
The Jewish music variety includes not only the “pop” singers rather also the world of Jewish liturgics the chazzanut and performers the chazzanim. On these kosher cruises we build a great selection of artistes so everyone can have something they like.
I will not start to name dropping, but you know as well as me that the biggest names in Jewish music are on these kosher cruises.
The Jewish music cruises are at the top standards for kashrut with a team of mashgichim on board and a cruise Rabbi to supervise everything and make sure the religious needs are all taken care of.
The food is at five star standards with top glatt kosher cuisine chefs form Israeli kosher hotels, using fresh ingredients imported from around the world to assure top ¬quality and great food for every meal.
Well If you don’t try it once you will never know how great the Jewish music cruises really are.
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